For many people in America finding a good job is a very high priority; the one good thing to know is Sears jobs are excellent, pay well and are long-lasting.

The Sears job application process is not an egregious one either so applying for a job at that huge big-box retailer formerly known as Sears Roebuck is not something that will cause you a tremendous amount consternation, pain or activity as you fill out the application online right here.

Sears Job Opportunities offer Flexibility in scheduling

There are people in each store that handle things such as:

Incoming freight – The person that  handles the freight that comes into the store is the one who meets the truck, unloads the truck and source the freight into proper areas. You can imagine that a store such as Sears constructs in all the time so that person or persons is kept very busy all day long using material handling equipment on which they are properly trained.  A little heavy lifting may be involved but in general it is equipment that is doing the majority of the rough work.

Sales Project Consultant – The majority of Sales Project Consultant positions are full time, however; there are some who work on a part time basis. This is based entirely upon the needs of each district office and the performance of staff in meeting customer needs and demands for service. Sales Project Consultants usually have time in between their scheduled appointments to conduct personal business, run errands, or if they have the time or desire, to pursue additional contacts for the company. Two to three contacts per day is what makes up the average daily workload for associates at this level, however; exceptions are sometimes made to allow for up to 4 contacts per day.


Sears contributions to the community

Each company, even large corporations have their own unique business culture and environment. It is similar to a personality. Becoming familiar with the values of the company for which you are applying can help you to determine if the company is a good fit for you. Being aligned with a company that values its employees and makes positive contributions to the community is often a better career decision that applying for a less reputable company that may not treat its employees fairly, or with dignity. There are significant reasons why Sears has gained a good reputation throughout the United States and Canada. Companies that exhibit a social and moral conscience are more likely to provide their workers with equal opportunities in employment, and acceptable working conditions. Sears has been recognized as a high quality corporation with outstanding values.

Sears commitment to protecting the fragile environment we all share

Sears Holdings was selected as a 2013 Energy Star Partner of the Year winner due to their efforts to maintain high standards for making a significant contribution to the preservation of the environment. This distinguished award is issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency. For four consecutive years, Sears has been selected for recognition in this category.

Energy Star approved shows the Sears Holding Corporation’s commitment to conserving energy by selling products that are the most efficient. This has the dual benefit of decreasing the amount of energy that is used and saving customers money spent on power source supplies. The effort is in line with both national and international initiatives to help curb the inertia of climate change and damage to the delicate ecosystem of the planet as a whole. Winners in this category are credited with reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the environment with their energy reduction strategies. The Energy Star program and its participants have cut the production of emissions by 1.8 billion metric tons over the past decades.

In addition, Newsweek’s Top 100 Large Green US Companies 2011 recognition named Sears Holdings as one of the companies that contributed significantly to the reduction of the impacts of carbon emissions that are threatening the health of the environment. Retail companies who remain sensitive to the needs of the planet are in a position to make some of the most significant positive changes in environmental conservation, simply through the products that they choose to offer to the public.

Sears Providing Job opportunities for new graduates

Recent high school and college graduates can take comfort in knowing that the Sears Holdings was named among 2014s “Best Places to Work for Recent Grads” awarded by ConnectEDU. This distinguished award gives recognition to the companies that provide among the best opportunities for entry level candidates that are searching for a good place to begin their professional careers. Some of the items that this organization takes into account are employee benefits packages, team oriented approaches and opportunities for professional and career growth.

Human Rights Campaigns At Sears

Sears has upheld perfect marks in their contributions for support of human rights and equality in their business practices. With a commitment to preserving diversity and equal opportunity employment policies, Sears has for several consecutive years, maintained these high standards. Diversity MBA Magazine has recognized two outstanding leaders in Sears Holdings and named them to their list of the top 100 under 50 diverse executive and emerging leaders. This is a distinguished award that is given to individuals who model excellence in practices that highlight inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Sears Providing employment opportunities for veterans and their families

Sears has been actively involved in promoting employment opportunities for veterans who have served their country and are now in need of paying jobs upon their return. In addition to this, families of military and National Guard Reserve veterans also receive support through employment programs that target these groups of applicants. Sears Holdings has been credited with the recognition as number fourteen on the G.I. Jobs’ at the top 100 Military Friendly Employers List. This has been ongoing for the past seven years. Sears’ programs include hiring, support and other resources for veterans and their families. Sears Holdings Corporation was recognized in 2012 by as the Most Valuable Employer for Military. The award was granted because of the Sears Corporation’s extensive program for recruiting, training and retaining military members, veterans and their spouses.

Family friendly employment policies and practices

The Foundation for Adoption recognized Sears Holdings for being among the top retailers who provide support for employees who go through the process of adoption. Sears’ commitment to increasing the need for foster care and adoption awareness goes beyond their national promotion campaign. They also grant paid leave and financial reimbursement programs for employees who adopt children. This is just one of the ways that the company provides support for employees and their families.

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